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    • Thursday, 13 October 2011

      Listen and Write

      Listen and Write promotes listening and writing skills. it provides audio materials for students to listen and writing activity for students to practise their writing skill. It  is a listening/dictation site that allows ESL and ELL students to click on their choice of oral transmissions and then write the words they hear in a box. Clicking the play button will repeat the sentence. There are also choices for hints or a version that provides a separate text box for each word, helping listeners to distinguish and separate the words they hear. When students write the correct sentence, a red "good" appears at the end of the line. Students can submit their own oral recordings as part of the bank of recorded items. Students can also select other languages for dictation: Korean, Basque, Estonian, and Hebrew. Dictations are available at a total of 16 levels. Students must sign in and establish an account in order to save their scores, share and save audios, and collaborate with others on dictations or audio recordings.

      - It is fun and interactive
      - Provides a range of topics for students to choose according to their personal interest.
      - Activities ranged from beginner to advance that suits students' level and proficiency.

      - It requires access to the internet which might not available in some location.
      - This site offers login through the social site 'Facebook' which might distract students' focus. They could get diverted from this site within just one click.

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