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    • Sunday, 13 November 2011


      Brainshark is a website which allows us to create presentations in a very unique wa, which is by changing our ver own content such as documents, power-point, into voice narrated presentation. It is very easy to be used as the site will guide you step by step in creating a presentation.

      Not only just you can create one, you can even share it! Your presentation will be available for viewing once you enable it for online sharing by just clicking on a link provided. The best part is, it is also mobile friendly which allow users to create a presentation while on the move.

      - Easy to operate, guidance provided along the first time operating the site.
      - It is free for basic features, can be upgraded for premium features access.
      - Supports variety of types of documents.

      - The final product cannot be downloaded, and it needs internet connection even for viewing purposes.
      - Needs internet connection. Cannot be operate on offline mode.

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      You should add to your powerpoint slides.

      btw what's with the RRRR sounds in 'guitarrrrr'? =P

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