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    • Monday, 21 November 2011


      Wordle is an amazingly easy to use web 2.0 website, which allows anyone to generate really creative word clouds by providing text. Words that are used more frequently, or specified as important, are made larger and stand out. The words clouds can then be customised with a variety of font styles, colours and layouts. 

      Here is an example of Wordle that I have created. I have used the RSS feeds of this blog and make Wordle out of it. As you can see the biggest word appears on the wordle is the word I used most frequent in my blog. You can use any text to create wordle and You can select the design for your wordle and if you are in a rushof time, just use the 'random' selection and let the magic happens.

      How can teacher uses Wordle in classroom:-
      - Teacher can make Wordle out of a text which will be used in classroom with students and this Wordle can act as the activating schemata material where it can sort of provide the overview of the text by highlighting high frequency words. We call it previewing activities.
      - Wordle can also be use as stimulus for directed writing as students can used words from wordle to construct a story, or and essay.

      What I like about Wordle:-
      -The beauty of Wordle is that there is no sign up or log-in required and once completed you are free to use your word cloud in any way that you like. 
      - The wordle can be printed out and it can also be embedded in blogs and webpages.
      - The various designs will encourage creativity among students to produce their own version of wordle.

      What I dislike about Wordle:-
      - The embedded image is too small. If it is to be enlarge, it will results in blurry image of the Wordle.
      - The size range is too distinct, sometimes those small words (less frequently used words) are hard to be read.

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