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    • Monday, 21 November 2011


      AudioBoo is like Twitter, but it works with audio. This free version lets you create up to 3 minutes of audio, whether it’s part of a presentation, short talk or even personal short voice blog.

      After you’ve recorded your undoubted masterpiece, you can then add titles and tags. Should you wish, you can even connect it with location information . Then you can share your audio with whoever you like via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and also microblogging sites too.

      How does Audioboo works?

      1) Visit http://audioboo.fm/ and sign up for a free account.

      2) Fill out your profile with the following: your name, a short bio and a website URL. Also, do not forget to upload a photo or use Gravatar.

      3) Link your account to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous and Tumblr to enableautomatic sharing every time a new recording is available on your profile.

      4) If you use a mobile device, download the free app for the iPhone or the Android.

      5) Record your message (three-minutes limit). Add a title, tags and a photo, and pick a location.

      6) You are now officially ready to share your boo with the world!

      The application has a couple of more added features, notably the ability to browse through other users public sounds. The audio file that you have created are called ‘boos’. You will need an account with AudioBoo to record and upload and, while you can use your Twitter account to do this, the application takes you out to the web browser to sign in, which is not the neatest of solutions as it can easily get diverted from the site to Twitter. Still, AudioBoo works well enough – providing you can work out what you want to use it for, of course.

      How can teacher use Audioboo in Language Learning class:-

      - Students can make a recording on a descriptive task given by teacher. For example, teacher asks students to talk about their favourite gadget that they have and explain why they like it. This can directly motivates students to particfipate in the tasks as the topic is authentic to them and directly exercise their speaking skill.

      - Teacher can use Audioboo as a medium or channel to communicate to students during afterclass. Teacher can assign tasks to students through Audioboo and students can replay the audiofile if they need to reconfirm any unclear message.

      - This Audioboo can be used as a medium for 'voice blogging' and students will surely be anticipated to try out this new type of blogging which is by using audiofile only. The abscence of video element will reduce the affective filter as only the voice is available.

      What I like about this website:-
      - It's totally free. But it needs an account to started off with.
      - Easy to handle even for beginners.
      - Voice file can be uploaded through a pc or even mobile phone!
      - The 'Boo' can be embedded into blogs or web page.

      What I dislike about this website:-
      - The 'Boo' will be linked to twitter and also i tunes, which in a way will risk the sense of privacy towards the audiofile.
      - The fact that it needs to have account to start with can be a distraction to students as they can sign in through twitter account.
      - Maximum duration of recording is limitied to only 3 minutes.
      - Facilities problems. ( It needs internet connection and either pc or mobile phone to work with).

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