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    • Friday, 25 November 2011

      NFSA (National Film and Sounds Archive Australia)

      In this post, I would like to share a website which in my opinion is fabulously fantastic in terms of the content that it offers. This website is actually an effort by the Australian National Film and Sounds Archive to gather every online material which they foresee possessing the value for educational purposes into an archive space which is the Digital Learning Resource as you can see below. It compiles range of materials which has been associated to language learning or to be used as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Because of the content is heavily associated with the Australian culture, it is very useful to be use with any foreign English learner as source of authentic materials. In other words, this is the site which teachers or educators should go for.

      The website is easily accessible as the layout used is very neat and the organisation of the content is at its best. Try and have a go at the site to experience the ease of utilising the site. 

      I've chosen to go through one of the activity int his site which is the 'on the rail' activity. This site offers variety of access as it provides interactive activity for students, guides for teachers to be used for teaching, and also the video collection for any teaching modification purposes.

      What I like about the site:-
      - It's FREE of course.
      - Easy access, even for beginners. 
      - The content provided is highly motivating.
      - The range of materials collection are incredibly AMAZING.
      - Suitable for learning, as it benefits both teachers and students at the same time.
      - No distraction from any third party sites at all, even advertisements.

      What I dislike about this website:- 
      - Sometimes the content can be quite heavy for students to adapt such as material related to arts where it need higher level of thinking to work with the materials.
      - As the content are mostly related to Australia, some of the information may need to be explained beforehand by teachers in order to gives students a bit of background information. Schemata activation is needed here.
      - The train activities consists of too much audio and video which cannot be skipped and it drags too much time and this may resulting in students loosing interest towards the task.

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