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    • Thursday, 3 November 2011


      Bookr  by Pim Pam Pum is a nice tool for exploiting images to enhance your  phrasal verbs lessons.  You can easily create a “book” in minutes by integrating thoughts or ideas with graphics which are obtained directly from flickr, a popular image hosting site. You can design the little booklet according to the theme you want to explore, and then simply dragging them into the pages of the book. You can write a short sentence on each page.  The example below is one I created especially for this post to demonstrate how it can be used. Bookr provides the utility to create a simple photobook and users can also insert some text for description or narration purposes.

      - Provide platform for creativity
      - Encourage students to generate target language.
      - Free, Easy to handle.
      - Incorporation of flickr makes the site more interesting. Students may even use their own photo collections.

      - Students may get distracted from the main tasks by the pictures in flickr.
      - The search results was not maximised, a bit dissapointed in terms of choices.
      - Needs internet connection to view the final product as it is not downloadable.

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