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    • Thursday, 13 October 2011


      Dvolver is a site where people can create a very simple movie with standard quality for learning. This site is suitable for learners with age ranged around 10 to 15 years old with intermediate level of English. With this site, teachers can expect students to project or to produce dialogue in English language and intergrate their creativity at the same time.

      The site is really easy to use and you just click your way through various screens selecting backgrounds, characters, scenarios, soundtrack and credits. You also type in your own short dialogues. Then when you are ready a single click turns the whole thing into a Flash movie.

      You can make short single screen animated movies or longer ones by adding more scenes. You can then email the link to your movie either to yourself or to your students etc.
      So, here is the one which I created. Enjoy.

      - Allows creativity
      - A platform to generate target language
      - Accessible for students and teachers

      - Dvolver is a VERY easy way to do digital storytelling in the classroom.
      - Everything is very user friendly. Basically point and click!
      - Students have choice when it comes to setting, characters and background music. They can choose how the characters interact on the “screen”.
      - Students can also write whatever dialogue they want (see threats).
      - The finished movie can be emailed and the creator receives an HTML code to paste into their website or blog.

      - Slightly explicit content of characters and there is no filter system in it.
      - Some students might need extra guidance while handling the site
      - Needs ICT and internet facilities

      - There is not yet a school-friendly, child-safe version. But, the upside is that the creator is working on that version and even asked for input from teachers on the customer service site.
      - You can only do three scenes in your movie.
      - Does not allow uploading of custom content.

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